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Events of the Flock Assosication

Please be aware of the following Events:

20.-21. November 2018 Flock School bei CHT Germany GmbH in Tübingen
(further Information comming up soon)

21.-23. March 2019 25. Flock Symposium (Schloss Hohenkammer near München)
(further Information comming up soon)



Flock connects Europe

 We gain new members from different regions all over Europe.

The Association

The Association of the Flock Association e. V. was founded in 1981 in Büdingen. In march 2009 it was renamed in Flock Association of Europe.



That's Flock

Flock meets us everywhere in everyday life and wherever flocking is used the velvety surface convinces with its positive qualities.

Flock Association of Europe

The Flock Association of Europe is the central lobby of the flock industry.

In addition to networking, our core concerns include highlighting the benefits and peculiarities of flocking technology, fostering the advancement and expansion of flocking processes, and standardizing on quality, safety, and environmental performance.

Flock is a product with future. The infinite advantages of flocked surfaces enable new products and product improvements. In the FAoE, we work together to develop the required technologies and quality standards that are equally used worldwide.